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In Southern California, fire prevention measures are not only vitally important, they are also mandatory. Title 19 of the California government code outlines a number of regulations that private and public property owners must comply to. While the code is designed to ensure that buildings and persons in California are protected from the very real risks posed by uncontrolled fire, the regulations can be complex and difficult to fully understand for most people. Fortunately, property owners don’t have to take on fire risks on their own – instead, they can rely on the exceptionally skilled team at Global Fire Technologies, Inc.

With over 100 years of combined experience in the fire protection industry, our company is fully capable of ensuring your property undergoes all necessary Title 19 Central Station testing. Much more than just a fire alarm company, we also design, install and monitor sprinkler services, fire extinguishers and fire alarm parts. Since all of these fire protection measures will be handled by our meticulous specialists, you can rest assured that you will have no trouble keeping your building up-to-date with local, Federal and state fire codes, and most importantly, keeping those under your care well protected.

At Global Fire Technologies, Inc., we understand that a fire alarm installer is taking on more than a simple maintenance job, but is in fact taking on a responsibility for each customer’s wellbeing. While we strive to make our work affordable, we are equally focused on providing first-rate service that can be relied on when it matters most. When it comes to ensuring compliance in Title 19 testing, this commitment to first-rate customer service is particularly helpful. The regulations within the official California Code of Regulations for Title 19 Automatic Sprinkler system testing and other measures can be difficult to follow for any individual. For property owners who need to comply with these codes, they can lead to frustration and headaches without the aid of Global Fire Technologies, Inc.

About Global Fire Technologies, Inc.

As a full service fire protection provider that is fully insured and bonded with all the necessary licenses and certifications, Global Fire Technologies, Inc. has provided Los Angeles area residents and property owners with truly expert fire prevention measures. These include sales, services, engineering, design, installations, testing and maintenance, and even fire safety consulting, all of which ensure an environment that will adhere to all federal, state and local fire codes. Our clients include owners and managers of multi-family dwellings, commercial buildings, health facilities, education and government buildings, and much more.

While our installation of fire equipment is always performed with expert skill, we recognize that quality work is only one aspect of the job – that’s why we are equally committed to providing top-notch customer service and reasonable prices for all of our services. It is this dedication to delighting every customer that has allowed us to maintain a truly impressive 95% retention rate, and a customer base that includes owners and managers of private residences, public retail buildings, education and government structures, and more.

If you’re a business or property owner in need of Title 19 testing to ensure your fire safety measures are compliant with all fire codes, contact the team at Global Fire Technologies, Inc. today. We offer free estimates and consultations on all of our Title 19 fire alarm testing, fire monitoring, and fire extinguisher services, and our friendly, professional staff is always eager to provide expert assistance.

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