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It doesn’t matter what time of year it is, a fire can threaten at just about any time. That’s why consistent and thorough sprinkler service, and testing can make an enormous difference when it comes to protecting life and property in the event of a fire. Global Fire Technologies, Inc. is a highly respected full service fire protection company covering a wide range of products and services for businesses and residential properties, including the finest sprinkler systems available.

Considering the importance of proper sprinkler service, it’s no surprise that fire testings routinely focus on insuring that sprinklers are properly functioning. The fact of the matter is that routine fire sprinkler testing is the only way to be absolutely certain that sprinklers will be able to deliver enough water to extinguish a fire. When problems are found, Global Fire Technologies, Inc. provides complete fire sprinkler repair services. Our emphasis on providing proper testing as well as service for sprinklers insures that companies are both fire safe and compliant with all fire codes and ordinances. That includes the Los Angeles Fire Department’s Regulation 4 program as well as NFPA codes.

Top Service and Value

Global Fire Technologies, Inc. has become the resource for fire sprinklers Los Angeles property owners and managers turn to; that’s because of our commitment to providing the highest level of service while keeping costs as competitive as possible. Aside from our outstanding track record in providing top fire sprinkler testing and service, we are a full service provider of comprehensive and cost efficient fire protection service for all of our clients’ fire protection needs.

In addition to our outstanding sprinkler service, we are among Southern California’s most respected fire alarm companies. As with our thoroughgoing fire sprinkler testing program, we are here to ensure that alarms work when they are needed and are fully compliant with all relevant codes and regulations. Even the best made and most sophisticated fire alarm system may not always work when needed if it is not subjected to regular testing. Whether you require testing or service, or need to buy and install a brand new alarm system, Global Fire Technologies, Inc. is your best bet for quality and value.

Don’t Wait for Safety

Whether you need to ensure that your alarm system is completely operational and up to code, or are preparing for a 5 year sprinkler testing, you don’t want to put off taking care of your fire protection needs. Global Fire Technologies, Inc. is the quality and value leader for comprehensive Los Angeles area fire protection services. Our outstanding level of customer satisfaction and 95 percent retention rate speaks for itself. We offer free estimates and consultation as well as discounts for customers who take advantage of multiple services or on multiple properties.

To get started on ensuring the maximum level of fire protection at the most efficient possible price point, please call us at 1-818-330-7136 or visit our contact page. Based in Glendale, California, our friendly and professional staff looks forward to hearing from you.

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