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Created by the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD), Reg 4 testing is set in place to make sure a building’s fire safety equipment remains in life-saving conditions. It’s typically an annual process and covers a wide range of fire safety systems; Global Fire Technologies, Inc. is an LAFD-certified tester for basic and complex fire alarms, central station, and other Reg 4 tests.

Affordable, Efficient Reg 4 Certification

It’s important to find true fire alarm experts to handle your Reg 4 testing. The fire alarm contractors at Global Fire Technologies, Inc. have expertise in all fire protection services, yet truly shine when it comes to the testing, installation, and sales of fire alarm systems. Our familiarity with all things fire alarms makes our work faster, saving you time and money. This also means that we can do our best to complete your fire alarm Reg 4 certification before the required deadlines, even if you happen to call us last minute.

Moreover, Global Fire Technologies, Inc. provides quality work. Your fire alarms will meet all regional and national standards, providing life and property-saving protection against unexpected outbreaks. If your fire protection systems need maintenance or repairs, then we can easily provide that service in combination with your testing if you’d like. This way, you have nothing to worry about.

We also stand out from the crowd because we keep our prices very competitive. The Global Fire Technologies, Inc. team’s efficiency and fire alarm knowledge means that we don’t have to hike up our prices due to ineptitude and wasting time. Plus, our business model is built on establishing long-term relationships with our customers; part of this means offering great prices on our services so people want to come back, time and time again.

High-Rate of Repeat Customers

Here at Global Fire Technologies, Inc., we truly believe in providing the best customer service in our industry. This is especially true when it comes to Reg 4 certification; after all, if you were happy with our services the year prior, then we will gladly anticipate your call this year and every year in the future that you want to work with us. We treat our customers with the respect they deserve; working diligently and punctually on their fire sprinkler testing needs, while being friendly and knowledgeable in the process.

In this respect, we are doing a fantastic job; over 95% of our customers come back to us for their future fire protection needs. This could also be because of our customer-friendly perks, such as free quotes, free consultations, and discounts for our clients who bundle multiple fire safety system jobs with us. The Global Fire Technologies, Inc. team understands that some people might not be excited about their regular Reg 4 testing, but we know we can make the process easier by making it affordable and pleasant all around!

Contact Us

Located in Glendale, Global Fire Technologies, Inc. services the greater Los Angeles metropolitan and surrounding areas. To schedule a free consultation on LAFD Reg 4 or any of our other services with one of our fire alarm contractors, give us a call at 818-330-7136 and we’ll schedule a meeting at your earliest convenience. You can also reach us online through our convenient contact page.

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