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It’s a fact we’re all familiar with, but it’s still always worth mentioning that regular fire alarm testing is a necessity for all buildings and residences. A fire alarm is not much good if it does not actually work in the event of a fire. Fortunately, Global Fire Technologies, Inc. is here to ensure that alarms work and that they pass the fire alarm testing protocols of the Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) and other local authorities with flying colors.

The only way to ensure that a system will work and – almost as important – pass the detailed fire test regimens created by local fire departments is to conduct a highly detailed fire alarm test at regularly scheduled intervals. Global Fire Technologies, Inc. is the Southern California leader in fire alarm maintenance, ensuring that all fire equipment is in proper working condition and remains as effective as possible in the event of an actual emergency. We use only the latest equipment and best practices to ensure that all systems are functioning, ensuring the safety of lives and property.

Just as important, if a defect is found, our outstanding technicians are there to provide the highest level of fire alarm service. Our professional and premium services ensure that all fire alarm systems are in working order, while we do our best to keep costs down for clients through our commitment to efficient performance and competitive prices in terms of fire alarm testing, repair, and installation.

At Global Fire Technologies, Inc., we know that lives, property, and livelihoods are at stake. We take our work very seriously and we’re committed to doing everything we can to promote fire safety.

Complete Fire Protection Services

Ensuring that alarms work when they need to and pass all testings is extremely important. However, while Global Fire Technologies, Inc. is a truly outstanding fire protection company Los Angeles, it is also much more than that. Alarm systems are crucial, but with Reg 4 and other types of testing, fire testing extends into every other aspect of fire safety. A Reg 4 test may cover not only alarms, but communications, and many other aspects of fire prevention and safety. We are here to do our best to provide service and consultation on all aspects of ensuring that a business or residential area is as safe as it can be while being fully compliant with all fire testing rules and regulations.

Customer-First Fire Testing

By far, our proudest achievement is our high-rate of customer satisfaction. We love doing a fantastic job, whether it’s a fire extinguisher testing certification or fire sprinkler repair, but we also love establishing a long-term relationship with our customers. With a retention rate of about 95%, Global Fire Technologies, Inc. maintains an incredible connection. We are friendly and helpful and our customers appreciate our attention to detail, efficient service, and specials like a discount on bundled services.

As part of our commitment to providing both the highest quality customer service and exceptional value, Global Fire Technologies, Inc. offers free estimates and consultations. In addition, we provide discounts for clients who take advantage of multiple services. For further information, please call Global Fire Technologies, Inc. at 818-330-7136 or visit our contact page. Our outstanding fire consultants and staff look forward to hearing from you.

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